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Umukarikari/ Urchin Tracks

Originally posted on Oceans and Hills:
Running in the Kaimanawa Ranges Date of run: 1.2.21 Length of run: 26km Elevation gain: 1375m Time elapsed: 4h8m I did the run solo, with a single vehicle, which meant I would have to run along a gravel road between the trail heads of the Umukarikari and Urchin tracks.…

My Travel Bucket List

Considering that in the UK we find ourselves in our third lockdown since the pandemic began, I thought what better time to relay to you my bucket list (travel edition). While writing this post, imagining the wonderful places I intend to visit in the future allowed me to escape from the realities of our currentContinue reading “My Travel Bucket List”

Norway in Photos

Norway, an overview – a beautiful Scandinavian country, Norway hosts snow-capped mountains and sparkling fjords. As stunning in the winter as in the summer, the country resembles different worlds in the alternating seasons. Norway is a Narnia in winter, covered in a velvety layer of white powder. Popular among hikers and skiers alike, the countryContinue reading “Norway in Photos”

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